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New Server Ranks, EE Finalization, Mods and Admins

Hey, everyone!

So, I was up late last night figuring all of this out, and I think I came to something that everyone can hopefully be happy with.  I almost banned EE completely, so I think this is a good alternative.  It also gives everyone incentive to rank up!  So, without further ado, here are the new server ranks and their benefits:

The New Eagleworld Server Ranks

NOTE: the player salaries are the ones you will receive when the economy is set up.


  • The replacement for Builder
  • A limited rank for people first joining the server
  • Has access to the same basic Essentials commands
  • Can set a home
  • No access to the Nether
  • No access to griefing tools (flint and steel, TNT, etc.)
  • Full access to all Tekkit plugins, except for EE, Quarries, and banned items (e.g. Nukes)
  • Monthly Salary: 25,000 Talons (roughly equivalent to 3 diamonds)


  • The replacement for Architect
  • A rank for players that have passed the trial membership status as Apprentice
  • Has all abilities of the Apprentice, including the following:
  • Has the ability to use teleportation to players (/tpa and /tpahere)
  • Can set two homes
  • Allowed to go to the Nether
  • Ability to use Covalence Dust, Divining Rods, Talismans of Repair, and Alchemical Chests
  • Monthly Salary: 50,000 Talons (roughly equivalent to 6 diamonds)


  • The replacement for Artisan
  • A rank for players who have proven themselves trustworthy players
  • Has all abilities of the Journeyman, including the following:
  • Allowed to go to The End
  • Can set three homes
  • Will keep experience upon death
  • Allowed to use vanilla destructive items (TNT, flint and steel, etc.)
  • Ability to use Transmutation Tablets, Philosopher's Stones, Alchemy Bags, and Klein Stars Ein, Zwei, and Drei
  • Now has access to EE fuels, materials, and armors (except for Gem Armor)
  • Monthly Salary: 75,000 Talons (roughly equivalent to 9 diamonds)


  • The replacement for VIP
  • A rank for long-standing members who have shown to be extremely trustworthy
  • Has all abilities of the Technician, including the following:
  • Can join the server even if it is full
  • Can use /hat, /ext, /heal, and full teleportation powers (/tp and /tphere)
  • Can set five homes, and can teleport to other players' homes
  • Allowed to use Quarries, Turtles, and Tesla Coils
  • Ability to use Handheld Transmutation Tablets, Gems of Eternal Density, Black Hole Bands, Swiftwolf's Rending Gale, and Klein Stars Vier and Sphere
  • Monthly Salary: 100,000 Talons (roughly equivalent to 12 diamonds)


  • A new rank above Engineer/Former VIP
  • A rank only for players I can trust not to wreck the economy with EE
  • Has all abilities of the Engineer, including the following:
  • Can set eight homes
  • Ability to use Energy Collectors (MKI), Klein Star Omegas, Void Rings, and Dark Matter Tools
  • Monthly Salary: 100,000 Talons (no need for a raise with those collectors!)


  • A special rank ONLY for former Mods/Admins
  • Has all abilities of the Alchemist, including the following:
  • Can use twelve homes
  • Can use /jump, /top, /god, /nick, /tppos. /tpo, and /tpohere
  • Ability to use Energy Condensers
  • Monthly Salary: 150,000 Talons (roughly equivalent to 18 diamonds)


  • Member who has been asked to assist in running the server
  • Has the responsibility of helping new members and dealing with server issues
  • Screens new members for eligibility to join
  • Full powers to kick, ban, mute, jail, and otherwise manage players
  • Ability to fully manage players' chests and inventories
  • Full teleportaion powers
  • God mode ability (invincibility)
  • Abilities to see what other players are doing via alerts and CoreProtect
  • Gets to choose the color of their username in chat
  • Allowed to use the entire EE plugin
  • Monthly Salary: 200,000 Talons (roughly equivalent to 24 diamonds)


  • Full administrator of the server
  • Operator Status for the Minecraft Server itself
  • Full administration ability over all mods (EssentialEco, etc.)
  • Permission to approve new members to the server
  • Gets a custom title in front of their username in chat
  • Can set unlimited home locations
  • Monthly Salary: 500,000 Talons (roughly equivalent to 60 diamonds)

My rank stays the same, basically.  I do everything, and don't give myself a salary.

A bit about Mods and Admins

You might have noticed the Veteran Rank for former mods and admins, that's because I am going to prune out the moderators and administrators that don't play on the server anymore, to make way for new members to have a chance to do so.  After all, after about 2 years of gameplay, most people don't have time to play anymore.  So, I've given them a special rank just for them, but now have room for more Mods and Admins that can assist on the server when I am not around.  I will be going over this soon, so stay posted!

Promotions Soon

A lot of you have been asking what EE items you are allowed to use.  You can refer to this above based on your current rank, but I am planning on doing promotions this weekend, so you may not need to dump as much as you think you need to .  In the meantime, feel free to use what you can, but don't incinerate the rest just yet!

I appreciate everyone's understanding and patience with all of these changes, but I feel it's important to nip all of the issues in the bud, especially before the server economy rolls out.  Otherwise, you know some people will have ridiculous wealth, while others have basically nothing.  I'm trying to prevent that and not let someone who managed to use exploits (basically, all of EE) to turn the economy to the haves and have nots.

I'll keep posting and give you all more updates soon!

Posted by EagleRock

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  3. somthings wrong server is down again

  4. haven’t been able to play in about 3 days. My Tekkit gets an error every time I try to launch. Looking into it more

  5. It was a genuine fist pump eagle, no need to be butthurt over that. In any case, I didn’t agree to do anything yet just saying.

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