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Eagleworld on 1.9pre4 and Town Applications

Posted by EagleRock

Hey, everyone!

I have updated the minecraft test server to 1.9 prerelease 4.  Please get the Minecraft jar file here:

Download Here

The instructions are here:

Spoiler Inside: Installing Minecraft 1.9 Prerelease 4

Town Applications

So far, I have received a few town applications, and wanted to give all members of Eagleworld the view of the potential towns so far.  Please note that NO TOWNS HAVE YET BEEN APPROVED, with the exception of Capitol City (duh).  These are merely the towns I have gotten applications for so far.  You can use this as a guide to see what is already out there to see what people's ideas are, and figure out if you want to pledge to a particular town.  Expand the spoilers below to get a preview of each town:

Spoiler Inside: Capitol City - EagleRock
Spoiler Inside: Thrice - Runninghobo
Spoiler Inside: Awkward Silence - Openminded
Spoiler Inside: Ironforge - Karaktar
Spoiler Inside: Xenturz - XmetroidfanX

As I get more town applications, I will post them here.



Holding over until 1.9

Posted by EagleRock

Hey, everyone!

Okay, so Anarchy Mode was a great success, if you gauge it solely by the amount of detonation that was done. ;-)

Anyway, 1.9 is creeping closer, and we are already at prerelease 2. So, while the prerelease is not good enough for stable server data, it IS good enough for a testing server. That being said, I'd like to know what everyone wants to do from this point forward.

Please vote below on what you want me to do next with the server. Here are your options:

  1. Continue the server on Anarchy Mode as-is
  2. Release the old map on the 1.8 stable build until 1.9 comes out
  3. Create a 1.9 Prerelease Testing server and play around with the new stuff while we wait

I'm thinking option 3 might be the best, as it'll give everyone a taste of what we're expecting in 1.9, and it will let us play around since most people are waiting for the new map anyway.  Note the server will not be as stable as it usually is, and there will still be no Bukkit Mod to work on.  However, like I said before, I do not expect the Bukkit team to take nearly as long as they did to upgrade to 1.9, and the plugins will be relatively caught up already.  I AM upgrading the test server to the latest Bukkit mod/plugins, so the upgrade time will be minimal.

Also, to give us something to do while we are waiting, I will now be accepting formal applications for towns on the new map. If you want to apply, best thing to do is to talk with me on Skype, in-game, or something like that.  I expect you to have all of the town information prepared (as outlined in the Server Info page), but obviously you will not yet have an exact location.  Instead, you can let me know the type of area you ideally want.  If I do accept your application, when the map is created, you can find a location either on Dynmap or in-game for me to approve.

So, let's hear your votes, and I'd like to start hearing applications for towns!


Pre-1.8 Preparations

Posted by EagleRock

Hey, everyone!

I am happy that so far everyone has unanimously approved of the map restart idea, so that is going to be what will happen to Eagleworld come 1.8.  I am already preparing for all the changes necessary once 1.8 is released.  Since I have a better idea of what's going to happen, I wanted to reiterate what I said in my last post with a bit more clarity, as well as provide a loose timeline of how this is going to roll out.

NOTE: I do apologize that this post is very long and verbose, but I'm putting all this information out there to ensure everyone is informed, and your questions are answered.  I'll update this post as more questions and need for clarifications arise.

Rollout Timeline

  1. Pre-1.8 Preparations
    • I am currently testing the pre-release 1.8 to see how the new features should be handled (new rules, necessary plugins/configs, etc.)
    • Users can finish up structures in the old world and gather resources or earn money to prepare for the new world
    • Users should consider what town they wish to join/found on the new map and prepare or help prepare the town applications
  2. Release-time changes
    • Once 1.8 is officially released, I will wait for a Bukkit release before I generate the new map, and ideally wait for Essentials to get updated as well (Essentials is vital to protecting against creepers/endermen/etc., and usually release the same day as Bukkit anyway)
    • Once Bukkit/Essentials are ready to go, I will implement these on the test server and select our chosen seed
    • I and Eagleworld Staff will help generate the new map as I install/configure all the new mods
    • While on the test server, no building will occur, except for me marking the location of the new Capitol City
    • Once the server is fully tested and ready for cut over, I will push out all the changes to production
    • I cannot guarantee a timeline for how long this will take, as it depends on Mojang, the Bukkit Team, and all our plugin developers, but I am hoping to get it done within a week of 1.8's release.  Again, however, a lot of this is dependent on other people, not me, so I can't give hard timelines.
  3. Migration to the new map
    • Towns will be officially selected and mayors will found their towns with my assistance
    • Members will move into their towns and help build town structures, as well as set up personal homes as well
    • Members will move all their items from the old world to the new, and select their structure to be moved, as well as the location (if possible)
  4. Building migration by Admins (if possible)

    • Users will select their structure to be migrated, and the location of the structure
    • If a structure is to be moved to a town, the mayor will need to approve of the location as well as the admins
    • Admins will then move the structure using WorldEdit as time allows (we are volunteers, after all)
    • Note that users that opt to move their structures into a town will get a bonus.
    • Additionally, users that opt to not move a structure at all will get an even larger bonus
    • I'll decide on the bonuses after I can determine whether or not this is even possible
  5. Lockdown of the old map and finalization of move
    • Once the active users are moved over to the new world, I will make the old one immutable, as to preserve it
    • I will ensure warps remain active (I might rename them for clarity purposes)
    • I will attempt to ensure things such as redstone, mine carts, and the like work in the world, but can't give a guarantee
    • If users come back after a while and wish to reclaim their items/building, I will deal with those on a case-by-case basis.

Rule/Policy Changes

As far as what's going to change/stay the same, here's what I have so far:

Inside Towns

  • Mayors will be responsible for controlling towns as usual, but assistants will need to be run by me in the future
  • Mayors will need to allow for me to put one highway and at least one subway station in their town (the width will be equal to one towny block (16 blocks), and leave the area above/below it for my use (signs, subways, etc.)
  • Mayors are strongly encouraged to use the town plot system to allow for residents to control their own buildings
  • Mayors are strongly encouraged to allow residents to build all their structures inside the town, as opposed to in the wilderness
  • Naturally, towns will have a large demand for space, and will be allowed to get much larger than on the old map
  • I will make it easy for towns to expand to fulfill their needs, as well as ensure towns are far enough apart to not feel cramped for space

The Wilderness

  • The wilderness will remain free to build, but all users are encouraged to build their structures primarily inside towns
  • I will encourage the wilderness to be used more for exploration and mining, or for special structures/creations that are not fitting for a town
  • Since Strongholds will be limited on maps (currently set to 3 according to Jeb's latest remarks), I will make sure Eagleworld's Strongholds are preserved for all users to see and explore (however, the person that finds it will be allowed to loot the chests inside for items)
  • Since chests will now spawn in places like mine shafts, dungeons, and strongholds, unlocked chests in the wilderness will be allowed to be free game (this does NOT apply to chests in towns, public LWC chests, or chests inside an obvious player building)
  • Assuming I can find a way to do this, I will periodically wipe out parts of the wilderness that are solely used for resource gathering and allow for areas to regenerate to keep resources available on the map

The Economy

  • The economy will largely remain unchanged, as users will retain their items and Talons, and salaries are unaffected
  • A new marketplace will be created in Capitol City where users can set up stores (I have not yet decided how it will look...I might even make a mall or a bazaar that users can make stores in or something)
  • Old stores will be deleted, and users will get their stocked items back
  • As before, all players regardless of rank will be allowed to make a store in Capitol City
  • I will hopefully get the worldwide global shop working again, but if I cannot, another physical store will be created, similar to Walmart.


  • The new Eagleworld map will be a random seed based on a string symbolic to Eagleworld
  • I will not release the seed string, to encourage fair play and not allow users to scout for locations/resources
  • The Dynamic Map will stay as usual, and it will show the new map, old map, and the nether
  • Warps from the old world will be preserved but preceded with a string to differentiate the old warps from the new ones
  • Warps as usual will be given out by admins, and warps outside of towns will be created very sparingly


  • I will revamp the New User and Server Info pages to simply them and include the updated information
  • Eagleworld will be promoted on both MC Server list and the Minecraft Forums to encourage new users to join
  • Users will still be tested to ensure trustworthy, mature players join the server
  • I will retain the referral system bonus for players
  • Users will still be promoted based on trustworthiness, maturity, and activeness on the server as usual (I am aware some of  you are overdue for promotions, but I will straighten that all out after 1.8 is out)

What I need from you

So far, everyone's been very good at voicing their opinions about this change, and I greatly appreciate your feedback so far.  If you have opinions or whatnot about this, please feel free to add a comment to this post.

I do have some other questions for everyone, and would appreciate you answering them:

  • How do you feel about the shift to building primarily in towns as opposed to the wilderness?
  • What would make you more willing to build in a town as opposed to sticking to the wilderness?
  • What is your opinion on creepers/endermen in the wilderness?
  • Do you have any concerns about 1.8 or the changes being made to Eagleworld?

Again, as before, I do take your opinions very seriously.  Also, your feedback has not just made decisions easier for me, but brought my attention to things I had not accounted on.  So please  speak up if you have something to say, as I want to ensure if we are going to make this huge change, I do it in the best way possible for everyone!

Thanks for your time!



Important: Should we start anew?

Posted by EagleRock

Hey, everyone!

Okay, I've got some plans down the pipeline, especially with 1.8 coming out, and I want to get a consensus from the active players on what to do.  I implore ALL of you to read this and leave at least one comment to have your voice heard, as this is important to you and your creations on Eagleworld.

Eagleworld has been running for almost a year, and the game has changed drastically since we started on Minecraft Alpha.  The game has introduced many new items, and the map format has changed drastically.  Additionally, 1.8 is going to have a large change to the map structure, including a much higher ceiling.  So, suffice it to say a lot of the spawned area Eagleworld has is, well, outdated.

Also, in that year, the players have done a damn good job of pillaging the land for all the good stuff.  :-)  So, after a year, the map has many good creations, but has a lot of "exploited territory" laying in ruin as well.  As such, now might be a good time to start anew.

Start anew?  Does that mean I lose all my crap?

Not exactly.  I'd like to get a consensus from the players as to whether or not they are okay with this first.  Second, all your creations and hard work would not just disappear.  As most of you know, I don't settle for second-best with how I run this place, so it would be a lot better than just dumping everything and starting anew.

Here's what will stay the same:

  • All members would retain their ranks, and there would be no change to that system at all.
  • All players would retain their Talons, and the banking system would be the same.
  • I will create a new Global Shop and let players create new player shops as I did before.
  • Players will be allowed to bring all of their items over to the new map.

Here is what will change:

  • Once 1.8 comes out, Eagleworld will be updated as per the normal update procedure.
  • Once the server is on 1.8, I will create a new map called Eagleworld2 (note the server can support multiple maps).
  • The nether's map will be purged and be started fresh.
  • Townymod data will be purged completely and new towns will be allowed to form on the new map.
  • Players will start playing on the new map, forming towns again.
  • All players are allowed to use their resources from the old map on the new one, but are recommended to not destroy their old creations, as the old map will be kept around.
  • Not Guaranteed - With the help of WorldEdit, Admins will allow players to select one building/structure of their choice to be copied to the new world.  For example, in my case, I would "copy" my mansion and bring it over to the new world.
  • Once the transition is complete, the old Eagleworld map will be frozen and exist as a museum.  This way, we can start anew, but you can still show off all your hard work to other players.

Here's what will happen to the towns:

  • All the old Towny data will be removed.  All players and towns will start fresh.
  • I will lay claim to the new Capitol City and mark the land first (hey, my server guys :-))
  • I encourage ALL active players to have a town to join.  I would rather more structure than not inside towns.
  • The new towns can be based off of old ones, or completely new ones can be formed...it's all up to you.
  • In terms of claiming space, I will make sure towns have the ability to claim the land they need, as I am aware we had problems with this in the past.
  • I will accept applications for new towns, but those towns need to have a definitive citizen list, mayor, location, theme, etc.
  • Everyone can apply, but realize the more organized groups/mayors will have a better chance than less organized ones.
  • Once we get settled on the new map, I encourage more players to set up home base inside towns, not scattered in the wilderness.  Wilderness building is fine, of course, but I would rather see towns be more active than less active.

What I need from you people

I need to know what people think about this.  It is going to take a lot of work to do this, but I believe it will be worth it,  However, it'll only be worth it if everyone is on-board with the idea, and people will actually play on the server.  Note that once we transition to 1.8 and the map is reset, I will start promoting the server more aggressively to bring in new blood.  So, I ask every player on the server to make a comment to this post! Your opinion is very important, so please make sure your voice is heard.

Please note the following in your comment:

  • Are you for or against this move for Eagleworld?  Please explain why/why not.
  • How important is the ability to copy a structure from the old world to the new one to you?
  • Would this move make you play more or less on Eagleworld?
  • Do you like or dislike that players will retain their items/Talons?
  • Do you like how the Towny system will be handled?
  • Finally, any additional comments/suggestions are welcome.

Like I said before, I am NOT doing anything without first getting a voice from the players, so don't worry about the changes just yet.  They will not take place until the server is on 1.8 anyway, so we have time to deliberate.  I want to get a feeling from the players first, and from there I can get a more definitive plan.

On that note, I welcome your comments/suggestions!  Please make sure to respond, as it is highly important I hear from everyone!  Thanks!


A big update: Referral Bonuses, Back Salaries, and Lots ‘o’ Promotions!

Posted by EagleRock

Hey, everyone!

Yes, it's been a while, and while I realize the bulk of you might appreciate that as to not have to read through my walls of text (lol), this is a post you'll definitely want to read!  I got a few things to talk about today, and they all involve things you will really want to hear!

Lots 'o' Promotions!

Let's face it...promotions were overdue.  Way overdue.  So, without further ado, here's the list of people getting bumped up!

Builder to Architect

  • LilBatesperu
  • Batesperu
  • Ikgrid

Architect to Artisan

  • Peturd
  • xcaboose22
  • yorhodes
  • adamant454
  • pillsbaryjoeboy
  • justynsm

Artisan to VIP

  • jbkarate9
  • Thunder__Child
  • ljdarten

VIP to Moderator

  • EG_SpaceNinja

Again, as of right now, there's nobody on the active or semi-active side on this server that I am not really willing to promote.  So, if you didn't make the cut, just make sure I see your face a bit more.  Promotions only go to active players!

Back Promotions

Besides the latest promotions above, there are a bunch of you that never claimed promotions, some from a long time ago.  At this point, I'd like everyone to make sure you have all the promotions you earned.  Please take a quick look at the newly updated Player List at the bottom of the Server Info page.  Find your name in the list, and see if you indeed have the rank you should have.  If you are, say, a Builder and it lists you as an Architect, check all of the Promotions Posts and find when you got promoted.  Then, come see an admin and get promoted!

Back Salaries

I lament the fact that a lot of the old regulars don't really play on here anymore.  I'd love to see you guys come back for a while.  Some players (such as Peturd, Runninghobo, etc.) have come back recently, but I'd like to see more!  So, for the month of August, I'm going to allow players to claim back salaries!  This means that in addition to August's salary, I will let you retroactively claim up to three additional months of salaries!  I do have a record of who did and did not claim salaries, so if you haven't been around for a while, and were thinking about it, this is the perfect time to come back!

Introducing: Player Referrals

Since Minecraft Server List (or MCSL) has greatly downgraded my server in terms of rating for a whole 4-5 hours of downtime (sigh), we haven't really been getting new members.  However, honestly, my best source of new players has always been player referrals.  So, I have decided that it is time to start rewarding people for good player referrals, and give everyone a bit of incentive to get your friends on Eagleworld!

Here's how the system will work:

  • When the person joins, they will list you as their referral, pretty much how it has always been.
  • The new player will go through the recruitment process as usual.
  • If the person qualifies for membership and becomes a Builder, the referring player will receive 250 Talons.
  • If the person stays on Eagleworld and is ranked up to Architect, the referring player will receive an additional 2,250 Talons.

Since new, good players are valuable to the server, I consider 2,500 Talons a fair bonus for referrals.  If there are players that wish to share the Referral Bonus, I can work those out on a case-to-case basis.

In Conclusion...

I hope all of these updates and improvements will give everyone an incentive to come back and enjoy Eagleworld once again.  I do have plans for additional improvements down the road, so this won't be the end of it.  Stay tuned for even more updates!


1.7 Update, Promotions, Salaries, and Playing Admin

Posted by EagleRock

Hey everyone!

Here's a quadruple-whammy post for y'all tonight.  I have four major things to cover, but I'll try to keep it as succinct as possible:

1.7 Update News

Just so you are in the loop, yes, Craftbukkit does have a recommended build for Minecraft 1.7.2, and I can update at this point.  However, there are major bugs in the server app itself (not Bukkit) that cause dupe bugs and piston bugs.  The Bukkit team is strongly recommending not to update until this is fixed, and I tend to agree.  Here is the Bukkit team's blog post regarding the matter: link here.

So, the long story short is hold tight until this is resolved.  The good news is I can temporarily start working towards updating the server to get a head-start once the update is finished.

Independence Day Promotions

Well, I promised more promotions, so here they come!  This batch involves the newest string of members and an embellishment of the server staff:

Builder to Architect:

  • Banana_Blob
  • adamant454
  • MegaUltraBuilder
  • pillsbaryjoeboy

Artisan to VIP

  • Nonagrrl

VIP to Moderator

  • Nephylim
  • Melany23

Moderator to Administrator

  • Openminded

I chose to promote Nephy and Melany to mods because they are both dependable and trustworthy members of the server, and they have experience modding Minecraft servers in the past.  Also, the times they are online will fill the gaps of when mods/admins are actually online to ensure greater coverage of the server at all times.

I chose Openminded as the latest admin because Nick (Runninghobo) has been quite busy lately and he hasn't been able to back up me as much as he was in the past.  Therefore, the need for additional admins is in order.  Open has consistently proven to provide great assistance to helping me deal with the server, not just in building things (such as the subway system), but also in dealing with new members.  He's proven as a mod that he will be able to serve as a quality admin on this server.

So, I hope you all congratulate the new promotions and welcome the new server staff!  And if you were expecting a promotion, don't get upset.  There are three major reason that people don't get promoted at any given time on this server:

  1. Hasn't been on the server long enough to demonstrate the worthiness of a promotion
  2. Has demonstrated trustworthiness, but has been inactive on the server
  3. Has given me a reason to question whether or not to promote them.

The majority of the lack of promotions in the list are due to 1 and 2.  Honestly, I have 10-12 people I'd be willing to promote right now, but they either don't play anymore or have played very sporadically.  So, don't fret if you don't see your name on the list today.

July Salaries

Well, it's that time of the month again!  July salaries are ready to be given out, so make sure to claim them!  And, since the server is not on 1.7 yet, I'll be giving out another "SNS-Free Bonus" this month for those of you that were willing to either not update or willing to back-up their 1.6 install: If you claim your salary before I update the server, you will get a 500 Talon bonus!  So, make sure to claim them soon!

Quick update on Playing Admin

I've received a LOT of questions regarding Runninghobo's post on Playing Admin on the server.  While I posted a response to his post in the comments and clarified some stuff, I still see people unclear about this.  For example, someone was concerned because they saw a moderator asking questions and accused them of playing admin.  Note that while mods cannot actually promote members, they can do all the preliminary questioning and prep them for membership.

So, to the members, if you see a mod asking questions, it's okay.  And if you are a moderator, and want to know what you need to do to question a member, please ask me!

I'll be redoing the Server Info and Help Pages soon, so I'll make sure to add all this info in to clarify it for good.

And in closing...

It's a lot of crap to read, I know, but there's a lot going on in Eagleworld right now.  Any questions about the post (I'm sure there will be a lot), please comment below and ask away!  I will be sure to answer them as best as I can!


Updated Rules and Beta 1.5 Updates

Posted by EagleRock

Hey everyone!

I've got two major things to cover here today, so I'll do them in one post:

Updated Rules/Blog Info

Please kick on over to the Server Info page and check out the new Server Rules.  I've also adjusted the Important Info under Server Settings.  I've made things a bit more concise and clear, as well as added a few rules.  No real surprises here...just stuff I've been enforcing for a while but weren't officially part of the rules.

I also changed around the New Players page a bit and made it a bit easier to read.  I trimmed some of the language and made it more concise and to the point.

Beta 1.5 Updates

Several of you have been bugging me about this, so let me give an update about where we stand.  Right now, there is no recommended build for Bukkit that works with Beta 1.5.  There IS a Bukkit version that will work with Beta 1.5, but it is untested and buggy.  Also, I did a quick scan to see which plugins were updated for 1.5...not many.  So, if I update now, we'll have a buggy Bukkit plugin, half support for the plugins that do work, and a bunch of plugins that don't.  Not what we want, is it?

If you want more info on this, the Bukkit team has a post on it: Link Here

For those of you too lazy to click the link, here's what the Bukkit team said about updating to 1.5:

"We have completed the update to Minecraft 1.5_02 (and have had it done for a while now) and are working out a few issues before we promote a recommended build. A TEST ONLY build is available but we highly recommend that you wait until we promote a Recommended Build before putting it on your production server."

In other words, Bukkit is not ready for production yet.  If you're still not convinced and are saying, "But Eagle, can't we just use a version that works?  They said they have a build, it's just not recommended."  Well, here's another statement regarding the Bukkit Team on non-recommended versions:

"Only Recommended Builds have gone through extensive testing. Anything else could result in unforeseen problems like Bukkit eating your cake or your world. You have been warned."

I'm not dealing with that.  So, we wait.  Might I remind you the server is working 100% with Beta 1.4.  Everything is functional, and we have no issues whatsoever.  The only issue on the server right now is a severe case of SNS Syndrome.

Speaking of SNS Syndrome, I will be making another post soon about how to back up your Minecraft Directory to test the new versions of Minecraft, yet keeping the old one so you can still play on Eagleworld.  Stay tuned!


Playing Admin

Posted by runninghobo

So I have something I would like to talk to ALL the players of the Delorean server about an issue I have with ALL of you,
I'm super sick of people "playing admin" when we get new players if you are not an admin DO NOT ask them to read the rules or go to the blog or what their age is! I cant stress this enough. we have our system we want to hear(see) how people react to the questions and be able to see if their ip logged to the webpage.. IF there is not an admin on you can try to get a hold of an admin, there are several ways to contact both Peter(Eaglerock1337) and I(Runninghobo) OR just tell them to come back later simple as that.

Now I would like to make a point that if I see anyone else playing admin from here on out there WILL be consequences to your actions.

Now thank you for reading this here little post, have a great night and a fun Easter tomorrow